About the NZ Iberian Horse Assn

The NZIHA was created in 2010 in a merger of two existing organisations, NSHA and APANZ that previously supported the owners of horses derived from the spanish horse in NZ.  It's formation creates one representative body in NZ for the Spanish and Baroque Horse Breeds including the Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE) the Lipizzaner, the Friesian, the Paso Fino, the Peruvian Horse, the Rocky Mountain Horse, and the Lusitano.  We work closely with ACPRE who are our national liaison body with Spain and the Spanish stud book.

The NZIHA is a non-profit breed association incorporated under NZ law, dedicated to providing services to owners and breeders of Iberian horses and providing education to our members and the public about the Spanish and Baroque horse breeds.

The NZIHA membership comprises NZ breeders, owners, riders and enthusiasts of these magnificent animals, not to mention those who just wish to be kept informed of developments in the breed worldwide.

The association maintains separate studbooks for purebred Spanish horses and Spanish partbred horses of 50% Spanish blood and more. We also have a registry for Partbred horses under 50% Spanish blood (designated Gradehorses).  All of the other Iberian breeds have their own separate studbooks.

The NZIHA publishes a newsletter to keep members updated on national and international news.

We support various shows and events during the year to encourage members to compete and show off their beautiful horses. 

If you like to be part of our exciting association, go to the Forms Section, from which you will be able to download a membership application.